Munition Health Management

Defense organizations are increasingly applying Munition Health Management for better safety, reliability and stock management. AmmoGuards provides realtime insight in climate conditions and shelf life, with a data logging solution unparalleled in accuracy, security and ease of use.

Sensor tags

Our robust and small (41x32x22 mm) sensors log temperature, humidity and motion. With battery life up to 20 years, simply install in any ammunition box and it’s ready for operation.


Sensors seamlesly connect with AccesPoints. No pairing or key management required. Data is transfered securely to your ERP and you know the exact whereabouts of your stock.


Secure Data Transfer

The AmmoGuards system meets the highest industrial and defense standards regarding data security. From Sensor tag to ERP, you stay in control.

Health Analysis

Based on validated munition health models, AmmoGuards provides realtime insight in shelf life of most commonly used munition.